LOVE AGAINST HATE by Karl M.D. Menninger


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Menninger -- some years ago -- created a public and a following through his sensational Man Against Himself. This is a less frightening book, less shocking perhaps, in which the famous Freudian psychologist analyzes the two most potent forces in human behaviour. He believes that the disease of the world today lies in the disease of the individual, he shows here how the impulse to love must win over the instinct of hate, aggression, destructiveness. The early chapters deal with the frustrations, denials in infancy and childhood, the repudiation of masculinity in men, the taboo against femininity in women. He sees the way out through the beneficial factors to be found in work, play, faith, hope and love -- and through these the modification of our hate impulses. This is a book written for the layman; Menninger is a sound, if at no time an emollient analyst. He writes with blunt reason and stimulating candor.

ISBN: 015653892X
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace