BELIEF TODAY by Karl Rahner


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This unusual little book of meditations by the Catholic Church's most respected theologian, examines the question of faith on the most practical level. First, What is faith and how can it be reconciled with intellectual integrity? Then, what effect does faith have on the day-today life of the believer--on sleeping, eating, talking, reading, thinking? The purpose of these questions and of the answers to them as given by Father Rahner is to provide the Christian with a basis for a satisfactory and satisfying sense of accomplishment, and with a sense Of direction, even when he does nothing more than follow a superficially dull and frustrating routine. A solid, readable and practical, although minor, work by a great thinker, Belief Today will be particularly popular among those prisoners of ironclad routine, priests and nuns of the religious orders.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1967
Publisher: Sheed & Ward