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Robert is the pseudonym for an eminent Austrian economist, and Douglas Miller vouches for the contribution he has made to better understanding of what is happening under the Nazi rule. He presents here chapters which abstract from a more comprehensive study the material that will give the layman an idea of what goes on behind the scenes of Nazi economy, and why Germany cannot return to peace time economy, why private enterprise no longer exists in the Reich, why war is the only answer, war and more war, until the Nazi peril is crushed. The monetary system conceals inflation; industry is geared to war, its physical appurtenances are ruined for anything else. He analyzes the legislative and economic structure, shows the real reasons for excesses, clarifies the penetration of the State into every phase of life. All power is in the Fuehrer's hands; laws are passed as a cloak. The State, the Party, the Gestapo -- and Hitler. He traces the pseudo-legal means by which private enterprise has been crushed, small business liquidated, business morale suffered a collapse, normal foreign trade eclipsed, and officialdom in business everywhere. He sums up the new bureaucracy as ""rootless individuals who are responsible for the breakdown of legal security and peacetime economy"". The military state is again in the saddle- Germany an armed camp. He gives some hint of the processes of transfer of population, creating slave states, slave groups, and warns the world that there is no compromise with brute force.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1941
Publisher: Alliance