THE ROSE ON MY CAKE by Karla- Illus. Kuskin
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Mrs. Kuskin's verses and illustrations reflect and employ the sharp observations, the brooding puzzlements and the matters of wry comment common to children. Perhaps the most fun in the varied collection is I Woke Up This Morning, told in lines that increase in type size until the nagged at, misunderstood monologist bellows out that ""tomorrow... I'm Staying In Bed."" The title poem refers to the gift of the frosting rose on a birthday ake and ""The trouble with parties is/All of them end."" Once is a fantasy rendering of the pre-occupation with growing up when a mouse remembers her days as a queen and plans for her return to that form and power. The black and white drawings are just right for each short poem, like the poetry, they are lightly done, but worth lingering over.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1964
Publisher: Harper & Row