STAR OF THE WILDERNESS by Karle Wilson Baker


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Good job this, in a novel of the fight for Texas independence and of two men and a woman's loyalty. A long, intricately patterned story of Scots Jessie, her volatile husband, Paul, and his cousin, Dr. Jamie, who guided their fortunes with his dreams. It is Jessie's stability that keeps their home together, when they come to Texas territory in 1830; she turns it into an inn and makes a life for the little family -- only to find that Paul has lost their home to a blackmailer. The story abounds in history book characters; they are in the thick of all the terror following the upsurge of the Mexican trouble -- the son escapes death in the Alamo -- and only news of Santa Ana's defeat saves them from the necessity of enforced flight.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1942
Publisher: Coward, McCann