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A DOG NAMED DOUG by Karma Wilson


by Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Matt Myers

Pub Date: June 26th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4424-4931-2
Publisher: McElderry

A large, golden-brown dog named Doug spends all his time and energy digging huge holes and extensive tunnels, with some surprising results.

The rollicking, rhyming text details all Doug’s digging with lots of wordplay with the dog’s name and the words “dig” and “dug.” At first Doug’s tunnels in his backyard are fairly realistic, but soon his frantic digging moves into more fantastical feats, as he has a burrowing contest with a squirrel, excavates a tunnel into an old gold mine, and bores his way to the White House lawn. Following a tour, Doug burrows back down through the floor of the Oval Office, surprising the president, a woman of color. His excavation efforts take him around the world, meeting people of different ethnicities and skin tones, with one spread appearing to be upside down as Doug digs all the way to China. Bold illustrations in acrylic and oil paints incorporate some of the text into the art, with individual letters or words serving as some of the underground tunnels. A concluding spread shows Doug’s rather nightmarish dream about digging his way into another planet, where some strange, otherworldly creatures greet him. While Doug’s adventures are spirited and amusing, the frenetic energy is a bit strained, and the repeated refrain of “oh boy, did Doug DIG!” wears thin by the time Doug tunnels his way into his owners’ bed for his dream sequence.

The combination of a perky, naughty dog and lots of dirt and mud will appeal to kids who like a story of an adventurous pooch

. (Picture book. 3-7)