OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. . . by Karol & Nancy Young Hope


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Women who have changed their lives to follow feminist principles discuss their experiences--a predictable mix of traditional success stories, satisfying turnarounds, and unprepossessing new situations. Most are no longer wearing feminism in defiance, and the optimists are no longer so wide-eyed. There's the founder of San Francisco's first women's bank, the organizing principal of the Moonblossom collective, a Navy careerist, a filmmaker who worked with Asnès Varda and went on to win an Oscar, and a former housewife who cooked up the idea of Displaced Homemakers. Many of these women speak knowingly of obstacles overcome and skills newly acquired, and refer to small concessions (switching from jeans to skirts) to accomplish larger goals. But a good proportion of these stories are less clearly triumphs, and often the statements seem superficial (""Here I've changed my Carmen Miranda platforms for steel shank boots""), the philosophies frail (""I've become more and more convinced that if you really follow your heart everything will fall into place""), and the identifications fuzzy (""Mimi is a social psychologist whose work has centered around sexuality, love, and risk-taking""). Collected by the authors of Momma, another round of interviews with few surprises.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1978
Publisher: Anchor/Doubleday