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by Kate Baxter

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-250-12543-9
Publisher: St. Martin's

A dark and sexy paranormal romance between a vampire and a berserker trying to live life on their own terms despite being sworn enemies.

Free from the control of her vampire coven, Sasha Ivanov is living a life of excess, dancing and drinking as much as possible. While she’s on a quest to sate all of her appetites, deep down Sasha is bored with life, using her incessant partying to cover up the loneliness of having been there and done that. When a friend suggests checking out an underground fight club called the Supernatural Thunderdome, where paranormal creatures fight to the death, Sasha eagerly agrees. What she doesn’t expect to find at the fight club is her mate in the form of a vampire’s greatest enemy: a berserker. Ewan Brún is an unbeatable berserker warlord hoping to garner enough winnings and riches at the Thunderdome to escape from beneath his leader’s thumb. Since berserkers are supposed to kill vampires on sight, the fact that Sasha and Ewan are mates vastly complicates things. Not only do they have to fight against their ingrained desire to see and treat each other as enemies, but any relationship between them has to be kept secret from their respective higher-ups. Sasha and Ewan’s chemistry is immediate, which only serves to enhance the romance, given how conflicted they both feel about sleeping with the enemy. The element of underground fighting adds an addictive, gritty element to Sasha and Ewan’s sudden lust for one another. The best book to date in Baxter’s (The Lost Vampire, 2017, etc.) Last True Vampire series.

Electric and dangerous; a must-read for paranormal romance fans.