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by Kate Ellis

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-78029-027-0
Publisher: Creme de la Crime

The police in the Yorkshire city of Eborby get a case that brings up shocking events from the past.

Now tastefully converted to an apartment building, Boothgate House was once an insane asylum, Havenby Hall, home to the notorious serial killer Peter Brockmeister. Local solicitor Melanie Hawkes is found murdered in the style of Brockmeister after her child is kidnapped. Melanie’s husband, Jack, was the architect for Boothgate, and Melanie had been looking into a suspicious death at Havenby. Lydia Brookes, a young woman with tragedy in her past, has acquired one of the apartments, along with a series of nightmares about a clock that she later finds in an antique shop. Her apartment is burgled, apparently by a thief known as The Builder who targets the unoccupied apartments of women and piles furniture in front of the door. This time he leaves an unsettling note: “I’LL SEE YOU NEXT TIME I CALL. BE READY.” When a college professor investigating paranormal activity in the basement of Boothgate becomes the next victim, DI Joe Plantagenet, who’s working both cases, begins to suspect that the past is influencing the present. Investigation reveals that many of the people involved in his current cases have connections to creepy Havenby Hall. Joe and his colleagues have their hands full trying to catch a killer before he strikes again.

Police procedural meets horror in Plantagenet’s fourth (Kissing the Demons, 2011, etc.). The tricky mystery is best read in the bright light of day.