JERSEY MONKEY by Kate Gallison


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When people start dying after taking Wankemol capsules (""At once the headache grew considerably worse, and then she fell dead""), Porcineau Pharmaceuticals head Howard Strass calls in low-grade New Jersey shamus Nick Magaracz (Unbalanced Accounts, 1986; The Death Tapes, 1987) to investigate the company intimates. Is somebody--Howard's animal-activist wife Ophelia; biologist (and former stripper) Dr. Margaret Gagne; primate-researcher Carl Gables; drug mule Buddy Pollert (""He wanted to be admired and respected. So he took drugs"")--out to destroy Howard, or to ruin Porcineau's planned swallowing by Supraordinate Labs? But even after Nick gets poisoned himself by sampling Howard's coffee, he's more interested in identifying whatever was buried on the company golf links--something that hooks up the rash of poisonings to the buyout, Porcineau's AIDS project, and an all-too-knowing primate. Characteristically deadpan, inventive, and funny, with some agreeably preposterous twists saved for the end.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1992
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: St. Martin's