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THE MISSING by Kate O'Hearn


From the Titans series, volume 2

by Kate O'Hearn

Pub Date: July 7th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-5344-1707-6
Publisher: Aladdin

Following Titans (2019), human Astraea, winged equine Zephyr, and company seek out allies against the Mimic threat.

Astraea and Zephyr have teamed up with human Jake, half-Rhean/half-human Tryn, and the centaur trio of Render, Darek, and Cylus, the centaurs’ antagonistic leader. The unlikely group journeys to Zomos, the home of Jake’s companion snake, Nesso, to recruit more snakes, as their venom is the Mimics’ greatest weakness. But difficult encounters with the deadly wildlife of Zomos result in serious injuries to both Astraea and Zephyr—and, to make matters worse, Shadow Titans under Mimic control are also hunting the snakes. To get reinforcements and help for Zephyr, Jake and Tryn head to Xanadu only to find that Emily, Riza, and the Olympians (characters who will be familiar to readers of the previous Pegasus series) have been captured by Mimics. They also learn the truth behind the dangerous pod-people–style villains (who menace with lines like: “You believed you could defeat us! So many have tried, but none succeeded”) and team up with Pegasus. Near-death fakeouts and supposedly serious injuries that impede the characters only when the plot demands it form a repetitive pattern that lowers the stakes. The endless round of action scenes takes readers among multiple worlds before setting up an ending that promises to take the heroes to yet another one.

A lengthy bridge to the next book—for dedicated fans only.

(Fantasy. 8-13)