CITY OF CAIN by Kate Wilhelm


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Kate Wilhelm is a mobile writer using, usually, elements that are not quite real (science fiction) or, now, those which are not quite fight in a story of precarious imbalance which she invests with a sentimental urgency. Peter Roos has come back, part of the way, after a missile crash (you'll piece this all together only gradually) with a damaged skull; an amnesiac, an insomniac, he has violent headaches. The scene is Washington, D.C. where his much older, always admired/adored brother Ed, a Senator, monitors him closely; so do a former teacher and a couple of doctors, or are they all in collusion -- trying to shaft him as well as the young woman he loved, still loves, who is working for S.A.F.E. (Save America for Everyone) at a time when it is being threatened and something Peter vaguely remembers may jeopardize it further. Nothing really for the think tank or the memory bank but a confident, vulnerable entertainment flexed with considerable skill.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1974
Publisher: Little, Brown