HERE AND HEREAFTER by Kath Montgomery


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Here it is, a book that's hard to put down (in every sense) even though you muster up every skeptical argument you can put a doubting. Thomas finger on. Mrs. Montgomery has found her answer to A Search for the Truth (1967, p. 1327) and its reincarnation--a philosophy as old as the Hindu hills. The Western mind has puzzled over the writings of the phenomenal Edgar Cayce and it should really go schizophrenic over these new revelations obtained through hypnotism. These are sessions recorded with psychologists/hypnotists Major Knight and Jane Winthrop who take the subjects into a prebirth regression countdown and into previous lives. And either these people, who include doctors, ministers, lawyers, have superb imaginations ... ? ? ? ? A prominent socialite becomes Sam Sneed, a wily, bois cardshark; a major attorney is shocked to find himself a female prostitute; a twelve-year-old indifferent student speaks fluent German and Persian, etc. etc. The latter section of the book is devoted to the singular ""life-readings"" done by Cayce and the basic tenets of Karma Charisma: ""As you sow so shall ye reap"" maybe not in this life but in your next one. All of which does give one pause and convert-ible or not, it should do extremely well here (and hereafter?)

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1968
ISBN: 0449007472
Publisher: Coward-McCann