THIS IS ON ME by Katharine Brush
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A popular novelist and short story writer writes as honest and revealing an autobiography as it has been my pleasure to read for many a day. It is just the sort of story people want -- and seldom get -- from writers, a story revealing all the struggles and heart-burnings and disillusionment, all the long weary march upward, all the experimentation and trial flights before success comes. It shows a writer as a human being. It gives the backgrounds and the roots for many of her stories, And -- in each section, there is included a short story, in many cases a story that has not previously appeared in book form, symptomatic of the period where it appears. Katharine Brush is typical of girls the country over, well-born, of parents in professional life, and moderate income; reasonably well-educated; thrust into business life and taking it in her stride, sandwiched between good times. And then her career as a writer. A good job.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1940
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart