FRANCOIS DE FENELON: Study of a Personality by Katharine Day Little

FRANCOIS DE FENELON: Study of a Personality

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Fenelon is one of the great souls of the Church who has just recently been receiving due recognition. He is known primarily for the devotional literature which he has bequeathed to us, most of it in the form of letters and essays. A collection of his devotions was recently published under the title CHRISTIAN PERFECTION. The author has been concerned to reveal to us the personality which produced this deeply spiritual literature which has been so influential both within and without the Roman Catholic Church. But this book goes further than that. It gives us in broad outline a picture of the times in which he lived, particularly of the court life and political intrigues centering about Louis XIV. The book touches on many of the controversies which raged in France during Fenelon's life -- the treatment of the Huguenots, Louis XIV's struggle for temporal power, the debate over Quietism. But essentially, this is a study of a winsome and deeply spiritual personality. Recommended for both Protestants and Catholics.

Publisher: Harper