THE CHANGING CHURCH by Katharine Morrison McClinton


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Churches of modern design are being built with increasing frequency throughout the United States and contemporary architects are proving their skill in fashioning churches of beauty in terms of today's living, but very little material is available to help clergy and members of building committees in general as they seek to build or remodel churches that provide the better design and decoration that is increasingly desired. This book is offered to bridge that gap, and provides help in all phases of church building and decoration, while never forgetting that we are building for worship in the second half of the twentieth century. It is profusely and beautifully illustrated, and offers much to all religious groups which seek to bring beauty, dignity, reverence and religious feeling to their places of worship. Such an excellent and useful book should find wide acceptance. Mrs. McClinton is a painter, writer, lecturer and art critic of note, and is frequently consulted in problems of church decoration.

Publisher: Morehouse-Gorham