THE LONG WHITE NIGHT by Katharine Scherman


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In 1956, Katharine Scherman wrote of her own encounter with Spring on an Iratic Island and her experience with the natives of Baffin Bay. Now she turns to the tale of one Douglas Ewen Michel for a sinister variation on a theme. A peripatetic reporter who has never stopped long enough to place rotors, Michel comes to Aurora Sound for a twenty-four hour journalist sojourn. Mesmerized by the place and its people, he decides to stay at the most unspoiled Eskimo settlement at Splaine River, in the abandoned home of a missionary whose death leaves some unanswered questions. There Michel enjoys the friendship of the educated Zeke and the love of his sister Maggie. But the treaoherous enmity of their father Nauligak, the leading hunter and former witch doctor of the community, isolates him and undermines his sanity. Michel becomes another fatality ohalked up to Nauligak's determination to maintain the old ways, for which even Zeke is expendable... The perils of a stark, solitary land and of cultures in conflict are amply exemplified in a story that leaves something to be desired as a thriller but offers a chilly insight.

Publisher: Little, Brown