THEY SAW AMERICA FIRST by Katherine and John Bakeless
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In ships, longboats, keelboats, pirogues"" ... they came to exploit and lay claim to the Old World. The supreme adventurers, major and minor, who made known the continental wilderness are surveyed in a rich volume, vigorous with detail. Because the Spanish were first to push inland carliest descriptions of North America are theirs. Much of the material here comes from their accounts -- we see De Soto cutting off the noses of the Indians for entertainment and rejoice that the news announcements which were printed announcing Columbus' discovery are still extant. As the explorer saw America we see it here and marvel that the Indian grapevine formed a communications network which kept widely separated Alarcon informed of Coronado's doings. Though the type face is fine, it is not formidable. This might be an excellent challenging tool for the boy or girl in upper elementary classes who is precocious and eager -- the youngster who easily surmounts hurdles too high for his peers. In it is geared for high school reading. Sources of the material are not credited. Some of the material is speculative reconstruction from Indian legends telling of these first white vagabonds.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1957
Publisher: Lippincott