THE GREAT HERITAGE by Katherine B. Shippen


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Straightforward discussion of the great heritage of American resources, enlivened by illuminating material on the men and women who have contributed to that heritage which is our national wealth. Corn, from the Indians who brought it as vital food to the starving Pilgrims, to Wallace and the modern farmers who developed strong hydrid strains of immense productivity; then- along this pattern-forests, land, furs, mines, etc. Clear and concise, varied with songs where they add color and authenticity to the text, as in the cattle industry with the cowboy songs -- a whaling verse with the fishing section, and so on. People are an integral part of the whole, giving the abstract topics a roundness too often missing in this type of book. Good for school and library use as well as for general reading.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1947
Publisher: Viking