SAND DOLLARS by Katherine Ball Ripley


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Here is a story of thousands of American families in the past few years, told by the wife of the author, Clement Ripley, of their own particular slice of life. Her first book, SAND IN MY SHOES, was an account of their experience in orcharding and farming. When this second book opens, the $30,000 nest egg has been lost in the farm, and they lease it to a tenant farmer and move to Charleston. It was an auspicious moment, when stories sold readily, and the sums thus acquired doubled and trebled in the rising market. Then the break and a rapid toboggan to the bottom wiped out everything, leaving only a scale of living they could not afford. An old story to too many; will they want to read about it on the plea that misery loves company? Or will they be encouraged by the lift at the end when a new serial was sold and, like squirrels that must have their winter store of nuts, they invested the resultant money in government bonds.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace