THE HAYVENS OF DEMARET by Katherine Ballamann


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Strongly reminiscent of River Road (Keyes) is this novel of plantation life on the Mississippi, of the powerful control of family pride, of the traditions of the planters and slaveowners. The substance in there for a story that cuts deep into the roots of this life, at a period when feeling was running high between the Mexican war and the Civil War, and twin brothers found themselves forced apart by love for one woman- and conflicting emotions and loyalties. But somehow, while much of the flavor of the region pervades the whole story and the mood and characters are ably etched, the story rarely cuts below the surface or takes full measure of the forces suggested. Even the emotional involvement over Jeffrey's featherweight wife is solved through a fortuitous accident and the brothers slip back into their old ways from the brink of disaster. Possibly this is intended as first of a series-and the other conflicts will be resolved in a sequel. Easy reading-though unimportant.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster