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THE 7TH TEAR by Katherine Bayless


An unusual tale of love and the sea

by Katherine Bayless

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2012
Publisher: Scry Media

Bayless’ (Deadly Remains: A Clairvoyant's Complicated Life, 2010) enthralling paranormal romance inspired by the selkie legend of the seven tears.

Devastated by the revelation that her heretofore unknown father is a wealthy presidential candidate and betrayed to the tabloids by her longtime boyfriend, beautiful veterinarian Samantha Jennings retreats to the island estate of Sven, a purported marine-life rescuer. Distrustful of men, Samantha ignores her attraction to wealthy, handsome Sven, but she is not as successful resisting the allure of his cousin Kyle. Still, the one male she truly relates to is Jamie, a manatee recovering from injury at the facility. Since she was a child, Samantha has been able to communicate with animals, a good talent for a veterinarian but not one she feels comfortable broadcasting. However, a conversation she overhears late one night will change Samantha’s life forever. Determined to save her beloved Jamie from unexpected predators, she risks everything, including her own well-being, and embarks upon a journey that forces her to face her greatest phobia—her fear of the ocean. While Samantha’s dissatisfaction comes not from within, but from forces acting upon her, she is still vulnerable to the charms of the sensitive man she grows to love, and she exhibits nearly superhuman strength in her efforts to protect him. Her blithe dismissal of his violent past is puzzling, as is her continued attraction to a previous suitor who would have betrayed her; this novel strains credulity even before the introduction of paranormal elements. While the genre has become the domain of young-adult and teen books, explicit sex scenes render this book fit for an older audience.

Suspense, shape shifting and sex all wrapped up in one delicious, albeit unbelievable, package.