QUEEN OF PARADOX by Katherine Bregy


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Mary Queen of Scots has been a favorite subject both for biographers and play-wrights. It is not surprising therefore that to a series of books giving the Catholic interpretation of English history there should be added a new life of this attractive but controversial character. The author is a well-known writer for Catholic publications and she has given us a well written and interesting version of the life of Mary. It is a sympathetic account than that of most historians and biographers, for while Katherine Bregy Mary's weaknesses and mistakes, she emphasizes not only the attractiveness of her but the steadfastness of her faith. ""Potentially, perhaps even actually, Mary was both sinner and saint"", maintains the author, whose final judgment seems to be that exponent of tolerance, more sinned against than sinning and that her place in be that of and saint. All students of the Elizabethan era would be interested in this book, but only Catholics are likely to agree entirely with the author's approval of this appealing figure. Imprimatur.

Publisher: Bruce