HIS DEAR PERSUASION by Katherine Burton


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Here's a book that might have had a wide market, within the Roman Catholic Church and without, if it were not defeated in advance by such dogmatic partisanship as to limit its sale and interest to the narrowest faction of the Catholic church. On the favorable side let us recognize that it is a book of contrasting moods and scenes; interesting historically for its picture of old New York, early Baltimore, Leghorn, of shipping, commerce, education and the church, delightfully done. The picture of Mother Section stresses her death bed function, in an effort to show how the Roman Catholic Church takes precedence over other churches at that time, and virtually ignores the side of Mother Seton that endeared her to the world, her joyous side, her humor, balance and deep humanity, all enhanced by her religious experience. She lived at a time when it was ""socially correct"" to belong to the Roman Catholic Church only in New Orleans and Baltimore, and she was virtually ostracized in New York. Katherine Burton, in presenting her own bias to the exclusion of any merit in other churches, will only serve to reinforce a position which has been fast losing ground, and to hurt the chance for unity of thought and action between the Roman Catholic and the Episcopal Church, of which she apparently knows too little to take the position she does.

Publisher: Longmans, Green