THE NEXT THING by Katherine Burton


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The author of many books of special interest to the Catholic world, in a spiritual autobiography, tells of her conversion to the Catholic faith. A high church Episcopalian, her decision was no hurried one. The record begins with childhood in Cleveland, runs through school and college years, carries through her marriage, her life first in Chicago, then in New York, her husband's career and her own, and the final climax in her entrance into the Roman Catholic church in 1930. Mrs. Burton has not spared herself in writing of her years of marriage, her many household moves, her life with her neurotic husband, editor of McCall's Magazine, the influence of Dr. Delany, who became a convert, of Dr. Tilden, advocate of a well-known dietary system, and the influence of the Anglo-Catholic church of which she was a communicant. Her story is frank and honest. The separation from her husband is handled with dignity and restraint. Her doubts and fears are openly discussed, as are the questions put her by others. Of personal interest to many who knew the Burtons, as well as to those in both Catholic and Episcopalian circles. But-by and large- rather limited to this specialized market.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green