SPIES OF THE REVOLUTION by Katherine & John Bakeless


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American and British spies laid the groundwork for almost every episode of the Revolutionary war from skirmishes to major battles. Because of the secrecy and subterfuge involved, this complicated network of espionage -- a most significant factor in achieving American independence, has never been awarded its proper place in history. In this behind-the-famous-scenes account of spying, counter-spying, bravery and treachery, the student of American history learns of Paul Revere's ""gang"" -- the group who made a successful ride possible, of plots to kidnap Washington, of Elijan Hunter's work as a double agent, of the authenticity of Nathan Hale's immortal words. Since the book is not divided into definite episodes preceded by basic background information, it will be of greater value to a person who has some familiarity with the names and places connected with this era.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1962
Publisher: Lippincott