GLORY, HALLELUJAH! by Katherine L. akeless


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Entertainingly told account of the writing of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and how it achieved fame. Bishop, minstrel and music teacher, had a pious brother-in-law who condemned popular music. He said of himself that he was ""a soldier of the Lord, ory, glory hallelujah!"" and the phrase inspired his more frivolous brother-in-law, shop, to put it to music. The words were simple -- the tune was catchy -- revival most -ngs took it up -- and ultimately, Mrs. Julia Ward wrote to his tune the words today. The Atlantic Monthly bought it for $5.00 -- a copy fell into the hands of a Union Army Chaplain at Libby prison in Richmond, and the chorus at the prison brought tears to many eyes in a rally in Washington, after peace was declared. The stirring arch had become an American patriotic anthem.

Publisher: Lippincott