SHANTY PARADISE by Katherine Moore Kingsbury


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A first person family record which tells how the author, her husband, ""The Chief"", and their boy, ""Son"", found a haven in the worst depression years in a shanty on a San Francisco hill, a shanty they called ""Wee Windows"". If this nomenclature hasn't soured you already, you may want to know that the Kingsburys, wiped out of their Hoosier farm, left on a one-way ticket for Hollywood, where the Chief failed as a cameraman. Going on to San Francisco, they took on a small real estate business, found a home for themselves, outfitted ""Wee Windows"" from looting of vacant houses, and thereby proved to their landlord- about to oust them for non payment, that they had a future in doing other houses over. Not enough to justify a book, and what there is of it isn't very good.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1947
ISBN: 1164493256
Publisher: Caxton