PRIVATE REPORT by Katherine Roberts


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Rather than the routine adventure type of story of the underground, this is a novel of deeper characterization, background and incident -- and a worthwhile job. A warmhearted novel of resistance to the Nazis in Belgium (by the author of Center of the Web. Denyn's wife and daughter had escaped to France when the Germans came, and he decided to let himself be reported dead and stay behind to become one of the first cell members. His organization of the miners, his gradual development into one of the experts of the Belgian underground system, form a thread throughout stories of slow sabotage and education in resistance and preparation for collaboration with the British when invasion comes. He seeks the whereabouts of his little family, knowing that it is safer for them if they are kept out of his dangerous life. But the imminent birth of a baby accelerates his personal plans -- and a preliminary invasion heightens with tension of his secret work. Full, detailed, good reading.

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1943
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran