NEW FOUND WORLD by Katherine Shippen
Kirkus Star


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An excellently written, informative and colorful book about South America, explaining the backgrounds of the varied races who make up this nation, giving in detail the voyages of discovery, the difficulties encountered, the jealousies and warfare, the heartbreak and disillusionment, all of which went into the building up of this great continent. The author concentrates on the people, both Indians and Spaniards, first describing the different tribes of Indians -- Mayan, Asteo, Chibchas, Incas, Arawak, etc., -- then the exciting stories of Columbus, Hernandes, Corte, Dias, Pizarro, ad, Cabot, Mendosa, etc., the influence of the Church, the gradual spread of democratic ideas from North America, stories of war and revolt, Bolivar and San Martin and others, the gradual shaking off Old World rule, and finally South America today, -- its songs, poetry and painting, and its role in World War II. Written in beautiful prose, New Found World is unreservedly recommended for high school readers -- and adults.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1945
Publisher: Viking