RAINBOWS by Katherine Stone


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An intricately plotted contemporary romance that marks the hardcover debut of bestselling paperback author Stone. Talented and lovely Jane Taylor has it all: a successful career as a potter, a wonderful husband, and a darling little girl. She now joyfully awaits the birth of a second child. But something goes wrong, and her baby girl dies. While she is still trying to find a way to tell her older daughter, Alexa, about the death, Jane is approached by a beautiful stranger carrying a pink cashmere-wrapped bundle in her arms. The bundle turns out to be a baby girl that the stranger offers to Jane. Though it's too dangerous to explain why she must give her child away, the stranger asks Jane to tell the child about her when she's grown and gives Jane an exquisite sapphire necklace to accompany the explanation. Fast-forward 21 years, and the child--now a beautiful and brilliantly talented pianist called Cat--is finally told about her mysterious beginnings. Cat is stunned, and wonders whether this is the reason why her older sister Alexa--a stunning, award-winning actress--has never fully accepted her. What follows is a highly complicated story that features a tender reconciliation between the sisters and another between Cat and her real mother; a deadly explosion; a near-fatal car crash; an idyllic Mediterranean island; another baby girl who's given away for adoption and then reclaimed by her rightful parents, and a deranged princess so obsessed with love for her brother that she is willing to murder for it. By novel's end, all secrets are out, and both Alexa and Cat find true love. Fairy-tale elements mix with those of a present-day romance--for wholly improbable yet thoroughly enjoyable results.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1992
Page count: 384pp
Publisher: Zebra--dist. by Simon & Schuster