FIRE IN THE SUN by Katherine Talbot


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A story of a possessive, destructive brother-sister relationship which cultivates a rather deliberate melancholy and something of the pink and white mysticism of a reraphaelite circle of artists- in Cornwall. For Veronica, whose identity had always been absorbed by her older brother Everett, gifted, patronising, charming, has her first hance at a life of her own when she falls in love with Robert, a painter, and agrees to arry him. But when Everett realizes that Veronica's feeling for him is now subsidiary, insinuates himself between Veronica and Robert- who is unable to escape his sphere influence, and Veronica pays the price once again of submersion in the likeness and lliance of her brother... La via- not too boheme, but with a definite aura and a certain unreality.

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 1951
Publisher: Putnam