ROSEHEATH by Katherine Troy


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Katherine Troy wrote another gothic farrago, Farramonde, where shadowy beings lurked beneath the mellifluous surface. Here Suzanna Wyncourt inherits the magnificent Roseheath by default through the quirk of her grandmother who ""had been a malicieuse."" Roseheath and its splendid ornaments should have gone to her two cousins, the stolid Oliver and his sister Magda who is exotic, willful and faintly sinister. Magda had also stolen and married Sarne, the man Suzanna had always loved. But after the mysterious death of Oliver and strange assaults of Suzanna, Magda hints that Sarne is ambitious enough to stop at nothing to possess not only Roseheath but the family business. And there is the disappearance of the priceless ancestral portrait, the one Magda covets with a narcissistic neurosis. Complete with handy underground caves which hold particularly terrifying memories for Suzanna, this should keep the ladies in fey-tal suspense.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1969
Publisher: McKay