IMMORTAL EASE by Kathleen Coyle


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An odd book, esoteric, which will be liked by discriminating readers who appreciate subjective writing, sense of mood, and an ability to transcribe the undercurrents, nces of human relationships. The story deals with the life of an Irish-American poetess, Victoria Rising, and is presented to give the feel of biography rather than fiction , through manuscripts, letters, etc. Two marriages, one as escape, one for companionship, could not rub out the emotional tie of her childhood, to Lloyd Emmott. He, thinking he had lost Victoria, had substituted collective action for the personal life he never had, doing revolutionary work in the Far East, and refusing to forego it when he finds her again. Elliptical, somewhat unresolved, but provocative in its high -tension emotionalism.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1939
Publisher: Dutton