BRITTANY SUMMER by Kathleen Coyle
Kirkus Star


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Adults will love this story with its rich background of Brittany, the life and the people. Children will enjoy it more for the adventures and natural happenings in the story of a family of English children and their growing love for the little Ile aux Moines. The fisherman head of the Mathurin family had disappeared -- his ship was reported sunk -- his family needed to carn more to keep them going. So three of the English children and their governess boarded at the little fishing folk house --and loved it. Their interests and sympathies and friendship went out to their Breton hosts and hostesses, and the Mathurin children and the Lawless children were inseparable. There is a touch of romance -- there is plenty of humor -- and there is a happy ending to the story- Richard Floethe has made twelve full paged illustrations in line and color. The book should appeal to young readers in third and fourth grade.

Publisher: Harper