NOT QUITE A DREAM by Kathleen Hughes


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Not quite an Earth and High Heaven, but another panel of the emotional possessiveness of the Jewish family and religion, for Sidney Varrich as he falls in love with Joslynn Shaune- and she with him. Here in hardpressed, tense prose, is the story of their patterned behavior, of their attempts to break the spell, as both their families try all obstructionist acts, as they themselves are ill-equipped to face the situations their love produces. Sidney, an industrial designer, Joslynn, an undergraduate, find that the hold of religion, of family ties are almost too much. Sidney tries New York and acceptable Jewish girls; Joslynn makes an effort to find comfort in a super-acceptable, young, wealthy Christian- but both realize that they must try, in spite of opposition, in spite of problems in the future to have their own chance- and they marry. There is the contrast of parents, living in the shells of past concepts, the cross- currents of undergraduate life, of conforming Jewish worlds- and the inexorable decision that binds the two together. A novel- that in spite of an hysteria in writing- makes not only a point- but perhaps too many for its own good.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1947
Publisher: Doubleday