MONTREAL: Island City of the St. Lawrence by Kathleen Jenkins

MONTREAL: Island City of the St. Lawrence

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The second volume in The Romance of Canadian Cities Series is devoted to Canada's largest city, its commercial, financial and industrial center. Miss Jenkins, a Montrealer and librarian, has first-hand and book experience with her city-subject. She has compiled a detailed history of it from 1635, when Cartier discovered the Indian village of Hochelaga on the site where in 1642 the incipient city was founded in an atmosphere of piety rather than mercantilism. She relates the fortunes of the settlement through the years as a part of New France and then as a British possession, today as a member of the British Commonwealth. She takes into consideration economic, political, sociological aspects. Her book is well documented if not particularly well written. The only full length study of the city available here, this should find a regional and school market.

Publisher: Doubleday