THE NEW YOU by Kathleen Leverich


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In this slim and breezy read, Leverich combines the universal problem of fitting in at a new school with a thought-provoking fantasy. When Abby, 13, moves to a new town and school, she believes she's misplaced her identity. A bad hair cut and a slight name change--to Abigail--have given her the feeling that she doesn't know who she is anymore. One day after school, a feverish Abby takes a strange excursion to an abandoned beauty salon called The New You, where three independent young women live. It is there that Abby literally finds herself--her future self, called Gail--although she doesn't realize it at the time. The experience--written off as a fever dream by adults--gives her the confidence to be herself when she returns to school, where she does make friends. Leverich (Best Enemies Forever, 1995, etc.) drops subtle hints while introducing an interesting concept: What if a girl could travel within her past, present, and future? The fast-paced action satisfies, and the portrayal of Abby's isolation and dilemma is right on target; this novel has the speed and compactness of a short story, and will leave readers craving more. An engaging and enjoyably limned journey to self-discovery.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1998
Page count: 108pp
Publisher: Greenwillow