INVITATION TO VENGEANCE by Kathleen Moore Knight


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A far cry from Martha's Vineyard and the homespun characters that have populated most of Kathleen Moore Knight's mystery tales. For this time she has her mishmash of mutual misunderstandings melodramatically staged in a picturesque Taormina, Sicily, with the mafia quick with switchblades and bullets. Signora Roberto Torrenti has changed her name to Mrs. Susan Brooke; she wants no part of her association with her Sicilian husband who had killed and embezzled for mere money. But she has agreed to take his small grandson to visit his Sicilian grandfather. And she finds herself from the start, swept up into a mesh of the plottings of her dead husband's associates- and the even less understandable enmity of his father and older sister. A lot happens before it all comes clear.

Publisher: Doubleday