SHADOW MARRIAGE by Kathleen Norris


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The price you pay when you marry for money, in the story of Georgia Rogers, who is not as venal as this might indicate but the young and widowed mother of two children and understandably susceptible to the charms of Philip Duryea, a millionaire at large. But while marriage brings an endless round of social functions and expensive furnishings, it excludes her boys- In whom Philip taken no interest and happiness, as Philip retains a bored indifference even to her. And when she falls in love with Beau MacNeill, his cousin, he refuses her the divorce she wants-even though she is carrying Beau's child, and Beau dies before she secures her freedom leaving her to an empty life of luxury with Philip... This should make all those women in their Hooverettes feel a lot better- and they're the ones who will read it, rentally.

Publisher: Doubleday