NOAH AND THE ARK by Kathleen-Retold by; Harold Jones- Illus. Lines


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Children-and not too hidebound adults- will delight in the revamping of the favorite Old Treatment story of Noah and the ark, for after all who can contradict a good story teller. In words and beguiling pictures the story grows before us. We see the ark under construction; we see the animals -- two by two-wandering towards it; we chuckle over the problems of disposing of them all in neat pigeonholes inside the ark; and we get a real kick out of the evident all through the ark when the dove brings back the leaf. Harold Jones has muted his earlier pictures- and offers a triumphant burst of light and color in a superb double spread at the end. Imaginative handling.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Franklin Watts