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by Kathleen Stevens

Pub Date: April 2nd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1467889995
Publisher: AuthorHouse

The secret thoughts of wild animals and household pets are revealed in this book of poetry for children ages 5 and up.

Stevens’ book features poems about nearly three dozen animals—some sweet and furry, others you should probably stay far away from or risk losing a limb. Each animal receives its own poem detailing its daily life or revealing its innermost thoughts. The tale of Barnaby the Bear is particularly enjoyable, especially when it’s revealed that the cuddly bear eats bread and honey for lunch each day à la Winnie the Pooh. The poems are short, sweet and they sometimes rhyme, which is an ideal combination for young readers. While Stevens includes entertaining poems about alligators and hedgehogs, many readers will likely adore the simple tale of Henry the Hamster, who doesn’t understand why he never ends up anywhere new after spinning round and round in the plastic wheel in his cage. Stevens aims to make her poetry educational by subtly incorporating lines about how environmental factors can affect the lives of animals. In a passage about Danny the Duckling, a drought has caused his pond to run dry, so his family must relocate to a new home. This story could come in handy for parents trying to explain to their children why they’re moving to a new town. Nearly all of the animals receive their own pencil or crayon drawing, and each page features a black-and-white parrot as its background image, which adds a pleasant aesthetic touch. Although poorly photographed, the images are charming because they appear to have been drawn by children; young readers would perhaps appreciate more professional illustrations.

Get to know your favorite animals with this fun, clever book of poems.