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OUT OF THE BUG JAR by Kathleen Thomas



Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1981
Publisher: Dodd, Mead

A fluent if trivial entertainment about ten-year-old Tom who finds a tooth fairy under his pillow and catches it in his bug jar. No winged Tinkerbell, Tom's fairy Marvin is a little man in boots and baseball cap who keeps Tom hopping with his fussy meal orders and embarrasses his captor by going invisible when Tom tries to show him off to a classmate. But Tom's friend Sam is allowed to see Marvin; and both boys' school work improves under the fairy's bossy tutelage. Tom soon tires of the nuisance, but Marvin is content with him and says that if Tom does let him go he's required by rule to take all Tom's teeth with him. Thomas sets up another rule--though he wants to stay, Marvin must resist recapture once he's out of the jar--in order to plot in a, wild scramble without the moral offence of forced captivity. It's all pretty silly, but painless.