SEA TREASURE by Kathleen Yerger Johnstone


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For all ages, where the interest in shell collecting has been sparked, this ""guide to shell collecting"" is a find. I've studied avidly dozens of books in the field; I've found many that are better when it comes to identification and classification. But I don't think there is another that leads the beginning collector so painlessly into a thoroughly scientific viewpoint. Mrs. Johnstone makes shell terminology a basic factor; she shows the importance of shells in world history, in art, in economy. She gives very practical and concrete advice on when and where and how to look for shells, on what constitutes collectable specimens, on rare shells. And she gives meaning to the occupants of shells, their native habitat, reproduction, protection, etc. Shell collecting is a contagious hobby, and a growing one. This book should prove an asset -- a working companion for seashore adventure (not confined to east coast or west, though the Gulf of Mexico has been the Johnstone's chief field of adventure). The drawings are informative and authentic and the color plates are very beautiful.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin