MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING: The Story of Economic at Work by Kathlyn Gay

MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING: The Story of Economic at Work

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What every young capitalist should know, and only as much as he can understand: despite a certain sunny Chamber of Commerce consensus, this is a generally sensible, quite timely introduction to the fundamentals of economics in the United States today. ""Goods and services go together;"" men, money and materials are the three factors of production; transportation is ""the connecting link;"" competition and the opportunity to make a profit supply motivation; ""changes bring challenges"" (flight from the farm, pros-and-cons of automation); waste not by-products, want not resources; ""savings are resources too;"" taxes (not to be beefed about); money isn't everything--volunteers contribute too. In each chapter, very specific, appropriately simple examples intermittently, suggestions for youthful initiative; throughout, a rather relaxed approach (you can't have everything you want, may not want everything you can have). Altogether, an agreeable soft sell of hard facts with a margin for mavericks.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1967
Publisher: Delacorte