TOMORROW ISLAND by Kathrene Pinkerton


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The Driscolls were down to rock bottom, and each one of the four tried to keep the extent of disaster from the others. And then Great-Uncle Hugh, long considered an eccentric hermit, left an island and a cabin to them, provided they could make use of it. So Sue and her father go off from their Minnesota home to the Canadian wilds to see what the bequest entails. The story that follows makes good reading, with plenty of wilderness lore to discover for themselves. But one could wish that things had gone a bit less smoothly- and the solutions been not quite so apt; the story would have carried more tone of possibility. Skillfully written and entertainingly plotted- but just too, too easy. There's just enough of late teen romance to appeal to the high school age. And enough of the wilds for the boys, too.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1960
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace