THREE'S A CREW by Kathrene Pinkerton
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This might be bromidically called Nautical Wife, for here she tells of the years spent cruising about the American Northwest coast, with her husband and daughter. Their break with the ties of traditional domesticity, their first boat, a 36-foot cruiser, and their exploratory trips in her and the shake -down into disciplined sailors -- all this is told with the same warm enthusiasm and human approach that characterized the earlier book (Wilderness Wife, now in its fifth printing). Seven years afloat, husband, wife and young daughter, shared delight in the life. They graduated to a larger boat, which carried them to farther horizons; they were interested in all coastal matters, they explored fishing craft, logging camps, local Indians and pioneer families. They shared experiences with the Stewart Edward Whites, they cruised unspoiled harbors and villages, they had adventures and mishaps and amusing experiences. And the account is as memorable as Wilderness Wife. Delightfully human, with all the little touches one wants.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1940
Publisher: Carrick & Evans