MOUSE'S HOUSE by Kathryn & Byron Jackson


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A Big Golden Book with twelve pages of touch-me material, a factor of more interest in the merchandising field than in the general bookshop or library. (Particularly as the black ""fur"" comes off- watch it.) Teachers and particular parents may take issue with the fact that the duck feathers and the kitten's fur and the dog's hair all feel alike! So don't recommend it for anything but an entertaining story, dressed up with lots of pictures in gay colors by Richard Scarry. The adventures and misadventures of a pair of mice in search of a home- and of how they lost the red sock to the black kitten, the green pocket book to the yellow duck, the muff to the red puppy -- and the goodies they had cooked in the doll's house to the black kitten who already had their first home on his head. But the red puppy came to their rescue, and promised to guard the doll's house for them and all was well.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster