A PRIVATE MATTER by Kathryn Ewing


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Almost before you know it, old Mr. Endicott, the retired man next door, has become ""my father"" in Marcy's school compositions. Her private game continues while Marcy's mother is preoccupied by Marcy's coming weekend visit with her newly remarried real father and, though it's a surprise to Marcy and us, with her own remarriage to Mr. William Compton. Some things that ought to matter just slip by--like Marcy's Philadelphia weekend or her feelings about Mrs. Endicott's sudden death, though there are some nice touches--going shopping with the Endicotts, Marcy's use of her own baby tooth to decorate her dental health report--to recommend this discreet exploration of a wish fulfillment.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1975
Page count: 88pp
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich