SPORTSBEAUTY by Kathryn Lance


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Grooming pointers for female athletes--mostly available, however, in general beauty guides. Lance (Running for Health and Beauty) offers advice for joggers confused about sunscreens, tennis players distressed because their toenails are turning black, or anyone in search of ""mascara that doesn't streak after fifteen minutes of exercise."" First comes skin: sun exposure (a good sunblock is vital), moisturizing, cosmetics, and ""questions active women ask."" (""What'.s the best way to remove Vaseline and other ointments?. . . Will cosmetics allow the skin to 'breathe'?"") Then: ""Care for the Rest of the Body""--hair, nails, eyes, feet (tips on shoes included)--plus, finally, ""Sports Beauty and Health"" (from bras to nutrition). The coverage is reasonably complete (""freckles, technically called lentigines, come in two varieties: juvenile freckles, those familiar speckles best typified by the star of Annie, and. . .""); but this is also very familiar ground, slightly (but only slightly) more focused for the sportsminded.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1984
Publisher: Avon